Fresh chile peppers crisped in seasoned olive oil!

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Don Chilio is rooted firm in our hispanic heritage. Don Chilio comes straight from Mexico City, to your homes.

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Turn Any Meal into a Gourmet Experience with Mexican Chile Crisp

Are you looking for an easy way to make each meal more exciting? Don Chilio by Kreativa Gourmet, LLC offers tantalizing flavors with a powerful punch with our Mexican chili crisp. This Chile crunch oil is the perfect addition to any meal, offering versatility and flavor that will have you coming back for more. Our chili oil is crafted from the finest ingredients, featuring delicious jalapeno, serrano and habanero peppers that can be added to any meal to give it more spice to turn it into a gourmet experience every time.

Be Inspired with Our Chili Oil and Recipes

At Don Chilio, we have created our chili crunch with the finest peppers crisped in seasoned olive oil. Our recipes are inspired by long standing family traditions of flavor and connection. Using traditional ingredients and featuring a modern twist, you can spice up any meal with our Mexican Chile Crisp. We feature recipes to inspire you for your next meal time, such as our pchile crispasta marinara a la Don Chilio and our crispy guacamole that acts as a perfect side dish.

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Don Chilio by Kreativa Gourmet, LLC offers access to a delicious and flavorful chili oil perfect for any meal. Delight your taste buds and be creative with this crispy chili. You can find us at 3624 Sabino Creek Place, Tucson, 85750. Shop online today or for more information call us at (520) 250-9787.