Chile Crisp Bundle
Chile Crisp Bundle
Chile Crisp Bundle
Chile Crisp Bundle
Chile Crisp Bundle
Chile Crisp Bundle

Chile Crisp Bundle

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A kick of flavor, texture and HOT food in just one box?! What could be better than a bundle that would satisfy any type of heat lover? All packed into this Don Chilio Variety Pack.

The perfect gift for any gathering with friends and family!

  • Don Chilio Jalapeño Crisp (Mild-Medium)
  • Don Chilio Serrano Crisp (Medium-HOT!)
  • Don Chilio Habanero Crisp (HOT!-HOT!)

Jalapeños are the mildest of our Don Chilio chilies. But remember: “mild” is in the palate of the taster, so start with a little dab and then decide how much to use! Their flavor is reminiscent of green bell peppers, with more heat than sweet. Use them to add assertiveness to tacos, nachos, salsa, chili and salad dressings; and then free your mind be adventurous! They’re delicious in casseroles, egg dishes, and stir fries—and even beverages! Pop one on top of your fresh-lime margarita for the ultimate sweet/sour/salty/hot experience.

A little hotter than a Jalapeño, not as hot as a Habanero. Serrano chilies are at the center of our line for a reason. They have a meaty texture and a bold kick that’s perfect in dishes like Firecracker Shrimp, Creamy Coconut Curry, and Spicy Relishes. A little dot of Don Chilio’s Crisped Serrano’s puts the Devil in a Deviled Egg.

Habanero Chilies are famously hot, and ours are no exception-definitely the fieriest flavor in our line of Don Chilio Crisped Chilies! While maintaining a hint of floral sweetness in that flame, a little goes a long way to create deliciously attention-getting salsas, sauces, and soups. But go ahead and think outside of the jar! They can be surprisingly good in sweet foods too-add a tiny dab to butter cookie dough, an 1/8 teaspoon to marmalade, or grind a pinch into powdered cocoa for a whole new experience in hot chocolate—yum!


We did all the hot prep! We’ve selected premium local jalapenos at their peak of ripeness; sliced, dried, and crisped them in lightly seasoned extra virgin olive oil; then hand-packed them for you to enjoy at your convenience!

Don Chilio crisped chilies are a natural in nachos, tacos, and other Mexican dishes. But they also add an amazing kick to all kinds of other foods too—everything from ahi to ziti. Let your creativity be your guide!

Their perfectly crisped texture provides
a satisfying crave-able crunch.

The simple blend of chili peppers, olive oil
& spices is suitable for almost every diet.

Why choose us?

The First

When they ask us about creating the first crunchy salsa we say "That's one crunchy step for man, one hot crisp for mankind." We kinda know what we're doing.

Natural Ingredients

Carefully selected peppers, chopped, dried and crisped beyond perfection ➕ infused with seasoned extra virgin olive oil. YUM.