Crispy spicy shrimp tacos


Ingredients: Qty
Shrimps 200 g
Flour tortillas 3 pieces
Egg 1 piece
Bread crums 100 g
Don Chilio™ - Chile crisp (any type)

1 jar



Avocado 1 piece
Red cabagge 20 g
Lemon 1 piece
Mayonnaise 50 g
Cilantro 15 g



1. Clean the shrimps and take off the skin.

2. Bread the shrimps with the egg and bread crums.

3. Add Don Chilio™ chile crisp oil to a pan and cook them until crisped.

4. For the mayonnaise: Mix mayonnaise with any Don Chilio™ Chile Crisp and blend (not too much for you to be able to feel the crunch).

5. Warm the tortillas until cooked.

6. Add the shrimps to each tortilla, add 2 slices of avocado, add the mayonnaise, some red cabbage and cilantro. ENJOY!


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